What is wEngine?

wEngine is a proven CM (Content Management) platform for developing the next generation of web-applications; to provide fast, modern and smart services on the web.

The platform combines many of the new and popular web-technologies like Html5, Css3, Ajax, Cors, Svg and the most modern frameworks as ASP.NET Core, Sql-server/ Postgresql, Solr, CKeditor.


Major features Included in the platform

  • Online editor based on ckeditor. Supporting templates, internationalization, tagging, SEO optimization and nice and powerful image features
  • Content Management
  • Solr Search Engine integration
  • Flexible Authentication & Authorization
  • Internationalization – support multiple languages
  • Supports all kinds of devices such as desktops, touchscreens, tablets and smart phones
  • SEO optimization – good integration and search ranking with search engines such as Google and Bing


  • Performance – test results have shown performance increases of up to 1000% in projects where we have replaced existing solutions with wEngine solutions
  • Efficiency – low running cost
  • Extensible with new user interfaces and functionality
  • Fast development
  • Flexible and easy deployment and hosting, supports both Windows and Linux environments
  • Economy – all the benefits make wEngine a very competitive product
  • Standard W3C compliance
  • Cross platform – runs in both Windows and Linux environments
solr .net core postgresql sql server html css ecmascript 6 w3c tinymce
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