We supply consultants out of our pool of competent och experienced IT developers, to join your development teams.

Our Consultants are both flexible and therefore has easy to fit in your company and policies; they have all experience of agile methologies.

One of the strength of Weboholics's consulting is that we are also a it development company and as such we can offer our consultants continuos training. We invest in long time relations and commitments to our customers and in addition to consulting we can offer you complete outsourcing.

Do you wish to concentrate on your core businesses? if so we can offer an outsourcing package that includes requirements analysis + development + maintenance + hosting; read more about it here.

Our Consultants

Raul Chirinos Coya

Software Engineer with extensive experience in IT.
Work experience from Silicon Valley, CA. and Stockholm in a vast variety of projects including user interfaces, media playback and handling, creating / porting libraries and web applications.
Solution-oriented, meticulous and business-minded with excellent teamwork skills.
My current interests entail developing user interfaces focusing on presentation, functionality and intuitiveness.

Mikael Elofsson

Mikael is a developer and artist who sees opportunities for improvements everywhere. In addition to mobile and web application software development, he loves visual communication, music production and film editing. While juggling many balls,he always keep an eye on details and never skip on thoughtfulness - always with a holistic approach. His vision conveys his attitude at the same time: "Creating and running projects that makes a difference, make the users evolve and get closer to their own inner potential."

Karol Ziolkowski

A developer with a broad IT education who doesn't get lost in either code, hardware or networks. Is curious as a squirrel and always strive to improve his skills in best practices and new technologies. While self sufficent and able to solve and work on his own, he is a good teamplayer and helps the team to keep its focus and that the software quality meets the requirements and doesn't slip.

Brattislav Stankovic

Is a Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and Novell certified professional with University degree in both pedagogics and server maintenance. He has worked as pedagog, technisians and team leader with extensive experience in networking, education, traffic statistics, security and helpdesk at large Swedish companies like Telia, Ericsson, Realcom, Multicom and Addsecure. 

One of his hobbies has been to collect maximum amount of IT certifications.

Magnus Olsen

More information is coming...

Sasa Jovanovic

I’m an experienced senior software developer and business consultant, Bachelor of Business Management, who dealt with Data Science techniques from before it was cool and want to implement my unparalleled experience as a Data Scientist professional. My focus is on adept at collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large datasets, developing forecasting models with a deep understanding of the problem essence and ability to perceive both the technological and business aspect of a research field.

In addition to many computer languages he has also mastered the human languages English, Russian and Serbian, Swedish will be his next target.

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