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Weboholics is a tight group of experienced IT professionals who are passionate about developing the Web.

We turn to companies in various industries. Our aim is to offer the best possible solution for companies with different needs.
To be a partner who takes full responsibility for the development process all the way.

A safe choice of supplier of products and services on the Web.

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bullet What we do

We help you as a customer to design and develop everything from simple home pages to demanding systems. It may include webshops, booking systems, integration to other systems or to adapt and extend existing systems and much more.

If you have special requirements, we tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

Fast - Smart - Flexible

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Please contact us and tell us what you need help with!

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New version of wEngine - v2.0

Version 2.0 of wEngine is now finally finished. The new version is built upon Microsofts new and open framework ASP.NET Core, which has many benefits.

  • Cross platform
    Applications based on wEngine now run in both Windows and Linux environments.
  • Improved performance
    The new modular architecure in ASP.NET Core has made it possible improve our performance even further which results in shorter load times for pages.
  • Future proof platform 
  • And much more




New home page

Our home page has a new look and it is built with wEngine 2.0

Also checkout our new blog with posts about IT related topics.

From the Blog
Weboholics Weboholics
wEngine 3.0

Some of wEngine 3.0 features

Editable sections
We have extended our CM (Content Managment) capabilites by introducing editable sections of webpages. This will save some development time and much support cost (time) for products based on our technology.

Font-awesome integration
We use the newest version of this popular image/symbol graphics collection. When we develop solutions we have access to more than 8000 vector symbols for superior responsive design & high dpi devices like 4k screens,  mobile devices and tablets.

Performance optimizations
Our plattform is based on the fastest mainstream webplatform, .net core.  We have been very consius of keeping our code lean and efficent and together with our design pattern we have succeded in

  • No Javascript bloat
  • No CSS bloat
  • Asynchronous design (C#, Javascript)
  • Ahead of Time: Bundling and minification of CSS and Javascript
  • Ahead of Time: gzip of CSS and Javascript
  • Asynchronous loading of Javascript in webpages
  • Optimized database usage. We don't overuse database for storage of data (a common performance mistake)  Where we use database we use Micro-orm in combination with Sprocs to minimize roundtrips and transport of data.
  • Optimization of images and usage of images

Complete Internationalization
Text is loaded from resourse files.  We use .net ui-threads to implement native format for example dates, currency, decimal format and much more.  The url is prefixed with language information for discoverably (SEO) of pages on the internet.

Graphical Design
Our product use a concept of color palette for branding our product with the color of our customers branding. We also support the concept of themes in products.

Google Analytics Integration
You will get information of your presence on the internet, see more

We use SSL in combination with jwt tokens and encrypted cookies to safeguard your data. All our database communication is totaly safe from sql injection due to our exclusive use of stored procedures.

Image management,processing and optimization
The content management has exellent support for importing and optimize and usage of images for wEngines online publishing / content managment.


This site is build with wEngine 3.0!



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