bullet We are Weboholics!

Weboholics is a tight group of experienced IT professionals who are passionate about developing the Web.

We turn to companies in various industries. Our aim is to offer the best possible solution for companies with different needs.
To be a partner who takes full responsibility for the development process all the way.

A safe choice of supplier of products and services on the Web.

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bullet What we do

We help you as a customer to design and develop everything from simple home pages to demanding systems. It may include webshops, booking systems, integration to other systems or to adapt and extend existing systems and much more.

If you have special requirements, we tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

Fast - Smart - Flexible

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bullet How can we help you?

Please contact us and tell us what you need help with!


New version of wEngine - v2.0

Version 2.0 of wEngine is now finally finished. The new version is built upon Microsofts new and open framework ASP.NET Core, which has many benefits.

  • Cross platform
    Applications based on wEngine now run in both Windows and Linux environments.
  • Improved performance
    The new modular architecure in ASP.NET Core has made it possible improve our performance even further which results in shorter load times for pages.
  • Future proof platform 
  • And much more




New home page

Our home page has a new look and it is built with wEngine 2.0

Also checkout our new blog with posts about IT related topics.

From the Blog
Jesse Korinth
We extend our business with consulting!

Weboholics has traditionally helped companies to develop IT solutions. We have often participated in the entire process from preliminary studies and requirements, to implementation and hosting and operation. Most of the work has been done in-house at our own office at Kungsholmen in Stockholm with help of modern technology such as video conferencing.

It has worked well and relieves our customers from the responsibility for workplaces; The division of labor between us and our partners also means that they do not need to take responsibility for project management and personnel responsibility - something our customers have discovered and appreciated.

However, we have discovered that many customers want to hire resources (consultants) instead; For that customer group, we will now offer resource addition in the form of hired IT consultants. These customers are also offered assistance with operation and maintenance when these needs arise.

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