We extend our business with consulting!

Weboholics has traditionally helped companies to develop IT solutions. We have often participated in the entire process from preliminary studies and requirements, to implementation and hosting and operation. Most of the work has been done in-house at our own office at Kungsholmen in Stockholm with help of modern technology such as video conferencing.

It has worked well and relieves our customers from the responsibility for workplaces; The division of labor between us and our partners also means that they do not need to take responsibility for project management and personnel responsibility - something our customers have discovered and appreciated.

However, we have discovered that many customers want to hire resources (consultants) instead; For that customer group, we will now offer resource addition in the form of hired IT consultants. These customers are also offered assistance with operation and maintenance when these needs arise.

ASP.NET Core - The future of Microsoft's Web platform

In June 2016, Microsoft released asp.net core 1.0, the biggest revision of their framework for web development since 2002 - the year when Microsoft went from classic ASP and VBScript to asp.net and C# and Visual Basic dot net.

asp.net core is a completely rewritten framework, but it still uses C# and .net runtime - Visual Basic will probably not be supported anymore. The rewrite was necessary as the framework had problems with:

Poor Performance
Not portable to other operating systems such as Mac and Linux
Worked exclusively with the web server IIS, if it is to be portable so it must work with other Web servers, such as nginx and appache
Performance problems in old asp.net

Performance problems in old asp.net
The performance of the old framework was too low compared with the competing frameworks. C# and the .NET runtime was not the performance bottleneck,the problem was the asp.net framework's architecture. The rewrite of the asp.net to the new core asp.net 1.0 version improved performance; below is an old picture showing how performance improvements during the development period; from about 40,000 request / second to over 1.1 million request / second. The latest figures is 6 million request / sec, ie 150 times faster!


Today asp.net core performance has caught up with its competitors and sometimes even surpassed them. Below is a specific testcase the performance of web-frameworks.

In the above chart asp.net core is placed at 10. However, one should bear in mind that the fastest frameworks are likely to be niche framework for special areas on the web development. Comparing asp.net core with other popular frameworks in the market, you get these figures:

asp.net Core48.9%
Ruby On Rail26.6%
Spring (Java)3.5%
We are agile! therefore we don't worship Scrum

My thoughts of Agile development is: flexibility aproach with customers / product owners, tools and work-processes to achieve the best possible results.

By this we mean that Weboholics are flexible and we adapt our working practices to existing realities in projects - sometimes this means that methodologies such as Scrum or Extreme Programming is not optimal for all projects or phases in a project.

We like Scrum but its not always the right tool for every task. Mature products / markets and projects with poor requirement-leadership / product owners are examples where a Scrum  approach can lead to costly failures. Substandard requirement-leadership in combination with Scrum can result in development time waste with expensive and frequent code refactoring before the real problems can be identified.

With mature products / markets the Scrum process (sprint planning, etc.) will often add unnecessary activities and improper focus of the work.

We do use Extreme Programming - pair programming. This agile methodology is about working in pairs to improved quality of code is written. This Methodology is very usfull for us when we are in need new techniques and technologies that we have never used before. This approach makes it possible for Weboholics to use and develop advanced technological solutions with good quality - this would be much harder to achieve with many other methodologies. 

At the same time Extreme Programming is twice as expensive while doing routine activities and only leads to minimal quality improvements. So when we do normal development and maintenance, we tend to not use Extreme programming

Completed a website and startet on new assignment

We recently completed a website for Jonathan Olsson Consulting, a consulting firm in Brussels. The site is of course build with wEngine 2.0 - our own CM engine that is based on core asp.net 1.0.

We've got a new mission to modernize Bohmans driving school's website - http://www.bohmanstrafikskola.se. This means, among other things to support  mobile devices and improved visibility on the Internet - SEO optimization. The site is built with wEngine 2.0


Two days with PostgreSQL

We conducted education for Newton this fall with courses in advanced database, Java programming and Web development. The web development course included elements of database usage; one of the requirements was that the database should be Open Source. We chose PostgreSQL 9.6 which was released recently. With this new version, they included a new administration tool for PostgreSQL - pgAdmin 4.0.

It worked out well and the user interface in pgAdmin 4.0 has seen much improvements and was very intuitive. It worked well to use PosgreSQL in asp.net 1.0 core together with the popular ORM framework Dapper.


wEngine 2.0

Welcome to the new version of Weboholics.se / Weboholics.com that is based on the newly released version 2.0 of our wEngine.

wEngine 2.0 uses the newest version of Microsoft asp.net framework - ASP.NET Core 1.0, which is the largest and greatest update that Microsoft has made to its web-platform since 2002

The page has some warnings