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We help you as a customer to design and develop everything from simple home pages to demanding systems. It may include webshops, booking systems, integration to other systems or to adapt and extend existing systems and much more.

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New version of wEngine - v2.0

Version 2.0 of wEngine is now finally finished. The new version is built upon Microsofts new and open framework ASP.NET Core, which has many benefits.

  • Cross platform
    Applications based on wEngine now run in both Windows and Linux environments.
  • Improved performance
    The new modular architecure in ASP.NET Core has made it possible improve our performance even further which results in shorter load times for pages.
  • Future proof platform 
  • And much more


New home page

Our home page has a new look and it is built with wEngine 2.0

Also checkout our new blog with posts about IT related topics.

From the Blog
Jesse Korinth
Senior System Developer
ASP.NET Core - The future of Microsoft's Web platform

In June 2016, Microsoft released asp.net core 1.0, the biggest revision of their framework for web development since 2002 - the year when Microsoft went from classic ASP and VBScript to asp.net and C# and Visual Basic dot net.

asp.net core is a completely rewritten framework, but it still uses C# and .net runtime - Visual Basic will probably not be supported anymore. The rewrite was necessary as the framework had problems with:

  • Poor Performance
  • Not portable to other operating systems such as Mac and Linux
  • Worked exclusively with the web server IIS, if it is to be portable so it must work with other Web servers, such as nginx and appache

Performance problems in old asp.net

Performance problems in old asp.net

The performance of the old framework was too low compared with the competing frameworks. C# and the .NET runtime was not the performance bottleneck,the problem was the asp.net framework's architecture. The rewrite of the asp.net to the new core asp.net 1.0 version improved performance; below is an old picture showing how performance improvements during the development period; from about 40,000 request / second to over 1.1 million request / second. The latest figures is 6 million request / sec, ie 150 times faster!


Today asp.net core performance has caught up with its competitors and sometimes even surpassed them. Below is a specific testcase the performance of web-frameworks.


In the above chart asp.net core is placed at 10. However, one should bear in mind that the fastest frameworks are likely to be niche framework for special areas on the web development. Comparing asp.net core with other popular frameworks in the market, you get these figures:

asp.net Core48.9%
Ruby On Rail26.6%
Spring (Java)3.5%



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